Terms & Conditions

  1. Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant shall keep any work undertaken confidential and not use it for personal gain or promotion without written consent of the Client.
  2. The business affairs of the Client shall not be discussed or disclosed to any third parties.
  3. The Client will be the legal owner and will hold intellectual copyright of all work undertaken by Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant.
  4. Hourly fees, agreed timeframes and a written estimate of time required will be agreed prior to the commencement of any work.
  5. The Client understands Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant’s estimated time and cost for completing the Work is an informal calculation and that any adjustments to the amount of work, schedule and/or the number of hours and fees is subject to review and renegotiation with the Client when necessary.
  6. Time spent on each project will be recorded and detailed using on-line software. The Client can have access to their on-line account or be provided with regular reports of time recorded to date, as agreed between the parties.
  7. Additional costs incurred e.g. postage, couriers, telephone calls, non-standard materials etc will be charged at cost unless otherwise agreed with the Client.
  8. Invoices will be issued at the end of each project. Ongoing projects will be invoiced monthly at the start of the month for work undertaken during the previous month.
  9. Payment is accepted by cheque or BACS. Details will be provided on the Booking Form. The Client will be charged a penalty fee of £30 (thirty pounds) if the bank refuses a cheque.
  10. Payment terms are strictly 30 days unless alternative terms have been agreed in advance.
  11. Once an invoice becomes overdue, no further work will be undertaken.
  12. Final proof reading is the responsibility of the client.
  13. Any errors must be notified to Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant within 5 working days of the Client’s receipt of completed work. Errors generated by Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant will be rectified free of charge, but amendments or alterations requested by the Client thereafter will be charged at the standard hourly rate.
  14. Should ongoing project work be delayed or suspended through any default of the client, Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant shall be entitled to immediate payment for work already carried out and expenses incurred.
  15. Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant cannot be held responsible for liability or damage caused by computer viruses. Clients are advised to ensure that they are utilising appropriate virus protection at all times to avoid this risk.
  16. Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to any items in transit or whilst at Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant's premises.
  17. Clients must make copies of all data and information prior to submitting it to Claire Jury, Virtual Assistant.

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